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Sliding Sash Windows old and new

At Sash Windows Scotland we know not every dwelling is suitable for sash windows. We also know that for those that are suitable, maintaining the look and character of the property is just as essential as the performance of the new windows that are replacing old (usually original) windows.

This recent installation in Bridge of Weir shows just how similar the sightlines are in our Rehau Heritage sliding sash windows compared to the original ones.

If you are looking for smooth operating, thermally efficient maintenance-free windows whilst retaining your homes character get in touch with us today!

Sash Windows Bridge of Weir

Sliding Sash Windows replacement

Authentic Sash Windows Glasgow

One of the real joys of installing our Rehau uPVC sash windows into properties like the one shown is seeing how well the finished window matches the look of the original timber sash windows but vastly improves upon the thermal efficiency and is virtually maintenence free. Our pre tensioned spring balances raise, lower and support the weight of the sashes just as the cast iron weights managed in the originals that we removed.

The fact our windows also tilt in for ease of cleaning from inside the room make this an ideal and practical choice for anyone wanting to maintain the original character of their property, giving all the benefits of modern uPVC and glazing technology.


Rehau sash windows Glasgow
New Rehau Heritage Sash Windows installed in Thornliebank, Glasgow recently. Our client wanted to keep the traditional appearance of her original timber sash windows.

You can see from the image the similarity between the new Rehau upstairs bay compared to the existing timber bay downstairs, the sightlines are an accurate match. Then in contrast the more common tilt and turn windows fitted to the adjacent house, showing far more uPVC that is not in keeping with the original look of the property.

Rehau Heritage Sash Windows Glasgow