Exclusive Run Through Sash Horns

Run through sash horns Rehau

Modern uPVC replacement

Sash horns were a distinct and important feature of traditional timber sash windows and were introduced to add strength to the joint between the frame and the meeting rail.

Traditional replica

Until now, uPVC sash windows have had a “bolt on” horn to try and replicate the look but can be clearly seen to be an extra piece added on that gives away the window as being an imposter.

Since our new run through horn is seamless, it helps to maintain the integrity of the building while giving the aesthetics of traditional timber windows.

Authentic sash horn windows upvc Sash hornsTimber replica windows

Authentic appearance

Rehau’s Heritage sash windows are already widely recognised as the most authentic looking sash window available.

Now that we are the only Scottish company that can offer the run through sash horn, our window is virtually identical to the traditional timber sash window.